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Premium 3-pack

This package includes 3 different flavors delivered to your door every month with free shipping! The selection is the curator's choice. The noodles could be of the packaged or bowl/cup noodle variety. Sometimes the cooking instructions vary, so please refer to our pamphlet or the package's instructions.

Premium 4-pack

Our World Ramens 4-pack features 4 premium and limited edition flavors! You're the chef! This is the packaged noodle version of our subscription requires a stove and pot. Customize your meal the way you want it.

Premium 8-pack

This pack features our monthly features from our Bowls and Bags pack for a whopping total of 8 different flavors! The best of both worlds. Get some noodles for your home and some for when on-the-go! This package is the King's best deal and comes with the convenience of our Bags package as well as the flexibility of our Bowls package.

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