## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)


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: Cake pops are a great treat to serve at a Halloween party.

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Halloween Cake Pops
Halloween Cake Pops
Halloween Cake Pops

## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

If you’re throwing Halloween a party or looking for a festive treat, Halloween cake pops are perfect. 

It’s never too early (or too late) to start thinking about how you want to celebrate Halloween.

Sweet Homemade Halloween Cake Pops

These bite-sized delights are easy to make. And you can customize them to fit any Halloween theme.

I’m talking about everything from mummies and ghosts to pumpkins and eyeballs.

There are endless possibilities for decorating your Halloween cake pops. Today, I’ll show you some of my favorite options. 

Some are cutesy and others are spooky, but they’re all soft, sweet, and delicious. 

1. Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Ghosts, goblins, and witches are all the rage when Halloween rolls around.

But even so, there’s nothing more quintessentially Halloween than Jack-o-lanterns. 

That’s why these cake pops are some of my favorites.

There’s just something about the cute, grinning faces that makes them too adorable not to love. 

The moist chocolate cake and rich buttercream frosting don’t hurt, either. 

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2. Pumpkin Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Prefer whole pumpkins to Jack-o-lanterns? No problem! Use this simple, 10-ingredient recipe instead.

It comes together in less than an hour (including freeze time) and makes two dozen pops.

Oh, and they don’t just look like pumpkins, either. You make them with pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice.

That gives you plenty of pumpkin flavor, as well. 

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3. Halloween Mummy Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Want to sink your teeth into a fun, festive treat that’ll make your tastebuds scream with delight?

These mummy cake pops are the perfect fusion of spooky and sweet. 

The cake is soft and moist, and the coating is extra decadent white chocolate.

They’re a tasty and tempting treat that will have you coming back for more.

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4. Halloween Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Can’t decide between ghosts, mummies, and little monsters? No problem!

The Anthony Kitchen shows you how to make all three. There are plenty of eerie options for everyone in your life. 

Follow these recipes to make 30 bootiful cake pops in less than an hour. (Not counting freeze time.) 

The recipe calls for a boxed yellow cake mix and white icing.

But you can swap that up however you like. Everything gets covered by the candy melts, anyway. 

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5. Halloween Vanilla Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Here are even more options, and these are much more colorful!

You can whip them up with just 11 ingredients plus decorations. 

Don’t worry, though. Despite all the bright, festive colors, these are plain-Jane vanilla cake pops.

They’re a classic favorite that’ll satisfy just about any sweet tooth. 

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You aren’t limited to Halloween cake pops, either.

Feel free to tweak the decorations to suit any holiday you have coming up. 

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6. Halloween Monster Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Okay, so I know these are supposed to be monsters.

But honestly, have you ever seen anything more adorable than these guys?!

Their crazy muppet “hair,” their funny mouths and teeth. Everything about them is just too stinking cute.

If that’s not enough to sell you on them, their wonderfully fudgy taste will be. 

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7. Eyeball Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Of course, some people prefer creepy to cute. If that sounds like you, you’ll appreciate these eyeball cake pops. 

They aren’t actually cake pops. Instead, they’re sweet, indulgent balls of cookie dough covered with vegan chocolate.

They’re rich and filling, so you won’t need more than one or two. 

And the decorating isn’t nearly as complex as it looks.

Grab some edible markers, like these EdibleInk food coloring pens, and it’s as simple as drawing on the decor.

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8. Shortcut Halloween Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

These are also super simple to make and don’t require any baking.

Like the eyeballs above, they aren’t “real” cake pops. 

You make them with donut holes instead of cake.

You can also use mini donuts, but I prefer the shape of donut holes. 

Simply pop the donut holes on a skewer and dip them in melted candy melts. Then, decorate them however you like best. 

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9. Witches Cauldron Easy Halloween Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Of all the cake pops on this list, I love these the most. Everyone always thinks of ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween.

But a witch’s cauldron?! How incredible is that?!?

These rich, chocolatey treats are bubbling over with flavor and cuteness.

With a little tweaking of the colors, you could easily make pots of gold for St. Paddy’s Day, too. 

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10. Monster Donut Hole Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Here are some more great ideas for decorating donut holes instead of cake pops. 

They’re an excellent choice if you forget you were supposed to bring something and need a last-minute dessert.

From start to finish, they take about 30 minutes to prepare. 

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11. Zombie Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

The great thing about these zombie cake pops is that you can’t really go wrong with them.

Even if you mess one up terribly, people will think it was intentional. 

After all, the more rotted and disjointed a zombie looks, the more zombie-like it is!

I highly recommend these to anyone with limited decorating skills. 

Hey, they’re zombies, so the uglier they are, the better! 

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12. Candy Corn Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

These cake pops are larger than average. Of course, that just means there is more deliciousness to enjoy. 

Instead of making them into balls, you shape them almost like a popsicle.

Then, decorate them with white, yellow, and orange candy melts. 

And don’t worry, candy corn haters. They taste nothing at all like actual candy corn. They look awesome, though. 

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13. Poison Apple Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

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I love everything about these poison apple cake pops. I love how soft and moist they are. I love how they look.

I love that you get just a hint of apple flavor when you bite into them. 

Seriously, these little guys are just plain fun. 

I suggest sticking to the recipe if you want the apple flavor to come through.

Swapping out the cake mix for chocolate or something else will totally alter the taste. 

The apple juice comes through nicely with the mild yellow cake mix and vanilla frosting. 

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14. Very Cute Vampire Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

(Using my best Count von Count voice) That’s one, two, three, three cake pops for me! 

Okay, if you don’t see the Count from the Muppets when you look at these, we had very different childhoods.

These are totally what the Count would have looked like if he’d been a few years younger. 

Of course, these do take a bit of decorating skill. So maybe don’t try them if you’re just starting out. 

Or do! After all, even if they look horrible, they’ll still taste great. And you’ll never get better if you don’t practice, right?

I think the Count would agree with me on that one. 

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15. Witch Hat Brownie Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

These thick, fudgy brownie pops are so scrumptious that I don’t even care what they look like.

Yes, they’re little witch hats, and that’s awesome for Halloween. 

But they could look like nothing, and I’d still love them.

They’re moist, decadent brownies with a fudge sauce topping. What’s not to love?!

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16. Caramel Apple Donut Cake Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

No, those aren’t the teeniest tiniest caramel apples you’ve ever seen. Well, actually, I guess they kind of are. 

You make them with chunks of apple fritters covered in rich caramel and salty peanuts.

So even though they don’t have real apples, they have plenty of caramel apple flavor.

The only real difference (besides their size) is that they aren’t crunchy.

The nuts add a little crunch, though, so they almost feel like the real thing. 

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17. Halloween Bat Cake Bites/Pops- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Typically, cake pops come on sticks or skewers. These Oreo-winged bat cake pops are a bit different.

Instead of sticking them on skewers, you add wings and googly eyes. 

Like truffles, the pops will sit upright by themselves without any trouble.

And because you’ll use a boxed cake mix and canned frosting, you have limitless options!

The black candy wafers are what turn them into bats.

Beyond that, you can have any cake flavor and icing underneath. 

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17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)- ## 17 Halloween Cake Pops (+ Simple Recipes)

Try these Halloween cake pops for an October party to remember! From pumpkins to mummies to monsters and eyeballs, they’re all perfectly festive.

Ingredients – halloween cake pops Worldramens

  • Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops

  • Pumpkin Cake Pops

  • Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

  • Halloween Cake Pops

  • Halloween Vanilla Cake Pops

  • Halloween Monster Cake Pops

  • Eyeball Cake Pops

  • Shortcut Halloween Cake Pops

  • Witches Cauldron Easy Halloween Cake Pops

  • Monster Donut Hole Cake Pops

  • Zombie Cake Pops

  • Candy Corn Cake Pops

  • Poison Apple Cake Pops

  • Very Cute Vampire Cake Pops

  • Witch Hat Brownie Pops

  • Caramel Apple Donut Cake Pops

  • Halloween Bat Cake Bites/Pops

Directions – halloween cake pops Worldramens

Halloween Cake Pops

Please choose your preferred recipe. Arrange all the necessary ingredients. Prepare a Halloween cake pop in 30 minutes or less!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Halloween cake pop in 30 minutes or less!
  • “`

    What are cake pops?

    Cake pops are small, bite-sized treats made from cake crumbs and frosting that are shaped into balls and dipped in melted chocolate or candy coating. The coating provides a sweet and crunchy texture while the cake inside is moist and flavorful. They make great decorations for Halloween parties or as Halloween gifts.

    What ingredients are required to make Halloween cake pops?

    The ingredients needed to make Halloween cake pops vary depending on the recipe. Generally speaking, you will need cake, buttercream or frosting, food coloring, melted chocolate or candy coating, and decorations such as sprinkles and colored sugar.

    Can I make cake pops with a store-bought cake mix?

    Yes, you can make cake pops with a store-bought cake mix. All you need to do is prepare the cake mix according to the package instructions and then let it cool. Once the cake has cooled, crumble it into a bowl and mix it with frosting or buttercream until it forms a dough-like consistency. Then shape the dough into balls and dip in melted chocolate or candy coating.

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