About Us

At World Ramens, we strive to help you experience the flavors of the world from the comfort of your home. There are more than 3,000 types of "Instant Ramen" in the world and we want to help you try them all! We started WorldRamens to share our passion and love for food and culture. We know trying new things can be scary, so we only pack each bundle with flavors you're sure to love. Join us and happy eating!


World Ramens really have something special here. Their selection of noodles are all top notch. The first bowl I tried was the "Pho" by Mama and it tasted pretty much just like the restaurant pho!

-- Janna --

Great gift for someone who appreciates and enjoys ramen and likes the idea of adding ingredients!

-- Rob --

Found my favorite Mi Goreng noodles in last month box! A very nice addiction are the spices and fortune cookies.

-- Paul --